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Dog Description

We have 7 beautiful puppies available in this litter – 2 boys and 5 girls. Their estimated DOB is early July 2019.

Jez is the chocolate coloured pup – puppy on the left of the feature image!

Jez is as sweet as the Chocolate coat she wears. She has lots of energy but is excellent at settling down when it’s time for a rest. She is well motivated by food which has made her a breeze to train, she knows sit, shake, comes to her name and whistles, and she won’t take her food before she is told she is allowed. Jez is create trained and knows that when she is in there it’s time to rest. She makes good eye contact when training walking and giving hugs. She oozes confidence and is great with other dogs. She is currently fostered with a full grown Boxer and Shepard, so she has experience playing with the big dogs. Her favourite place to sleep is on you, so if you are looking for a puppy that loves giving top quality hugs, Jez is your girl. Jez is very well socialised with people and is constantly being complimented on her sweet face. She is a mixed breed. Jez is high energy, very athletic and intelligent, she will do best with an active, confident family to get the best out of her.

Jez is currently fostered in Bombay.

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