Dog Description

Name of Dog

Estimated Age as of 01 January 2022 (8 weeks old). Fostered 8 km north of Kaukapakapa – 35 km from Albany. All are soft sweet pups, absolutely love to run and run, May have a loud voice, would love a lifestyle block or loads of physical and mental simulation. Or town people that can do mental and physical stimulation and puppy daycare or similar. Absolutely full of confidence here, fully exploring our 3 acres and excellent with our 6 large dogs. Crate trained – I would highly recommend this as the “den” and a safe calm place for pup to go to. Would suit a lifestyle block or loads of room to pay and run – doing amazing zoomies, also love to snuggle inside in front of the fire (even though its not going), again a firm, fair and kind owner prepared to do training, training, training. . Love tummy rubs and loads of pats. Confident here in safe surroundings. Current environment: Foster mum and dad, 10 Saving Hope foster puppies, 6 adult dogs (our own), 6 chickens. (3 acres and loads of room to explore). Puppy doesn’t chew inside when told what to chew and what not to. Be cautious when they are left alone unsupervised, they eat cell phone chargers etc