Dog Description


*Please read Jaz’s bio fully before applying as it has been written by her trainer * If you would like to meet Jaz please head over to the website and fill out an adoption form Jazzy / Jaz, Is a full of life girl who loves people and would make the perfect companion dog for anybody wanting a new BFF. She’s a high energy girl and needs a good amount of exercise every day or she can develop naughty behaviours from pent up energy. She will need 1.5 hours running or off leash adventuring minimum each day… ideally 3 hours would keep her mentally and physically drained making her a very easy girl to manage. Jaz although social with most dogs is a dominant dog and can display dog dog aggression with a few dogs so for this reason she will need to go to a dog free home and ideally somewhere less busy like a lifestyle block or rural property / township. She currently lives with 20 to 60 dog’s a day with and without a muzzle and does well with the right leadership. She has undergone a lot of training and has solid obedience, recall etc. Jaz comes with free handover and start up training and ongoing support from the trainer who is fostering her. Although she has some issues we really think she is a pretty special dog and know with the right fit can make a family or person extremely happy. She needs an experienced owner and is not suitable for first time dog owners. Not suitable with cats but manageable around lifestyle animals with the right owner. Fostered in Riverhead