Dog Description


Jaxson DOB: Early December 2023 Fostered: Dairy Flat Hi my name is Jaxson, I was given this name by the Police Officer’s that handed me in to Saving Hope Foundation, No I didn’t get arrested but I had a nasty wound on my chest and so I needed to be seen by a vet. I got taken to SHF HQ and I got lots of cuddles while I was waiting for my foster mum to arrive and take me to get see the Vet and Nurse who took very good care of me, they both said I was a very good boy and such a sweet boy – I like being told that. My foster mum says I have a very sweet nature, that I have very pretty eyes and that I’m a good boy with my training. To start with they thought I may be a bit deaf as I can hear Low/Deep volume or very High but they don’t think the middle is what I can hear so I’m learning hand signals to help me, its fun and sometimes I just like to play like I don’t understand – foster mum says big boys have to watch and listen, so I will keep learning. I have a crate that I like and I know when its bed time that’s where I go, I have a warthog and I snuggle with him or my cuddly soft toy Vodka bottle – foster mum says I’m to young to drink but I like to carry this every were with me as it squeaks and I run up and down the hallway making it do that till the other dogs play with me then it’s a game of chase and catch the toys with all of us dogs. I currently live with 4 cats, 3 other big dogs there were 4 but 1 pup found their forever home and foster mum says she will help me find my perfect family too – I’m very excited about that. I ask to go out for the toilet, or if the door is open I take myself like a good boy, I do have to remember that not all the hens are happy with a doggo who sits in the sun next to them so I have had a peck or 2 from the odd hen and it hurt my feelings so I went back to foster mum for a cuddle, I do like my cuddles alot. I also live on 40 acres, and there are chickens, roosters, and a goat – he’s funny, but I don’t understand why when he plays, he sometimes tries to head butt me?? There are also Miniature horses and Big horses they are kind of cool but they laughed at me when I got a zap from the electric fence on my nose – that hurt all the way to my toes and tail, I wont touch that again…… I do like to just sit and watch the world go by… I like to just sit and watch the fish in the pond, or the mummy chickens with their chicks, I sit and talk with the goat, and I really like to just lie around in the sun or sit on the deck watching the sunset. Foster mum says I might need some sunglasses for dog’s as I do find the sun very bright sometimes and sit with my face turned upward, but my eyes shut, just enjoying it. I look forward to meeting you, and I get so excited to meet people I get my wiggle on, which starts at my tail and works its way up to my face, and I grin, until then I will just hang here and keep learning. Love Jaxson