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Dog Description

Hazel was picked up wandering and nobody ever came to take her home so her fate was not looking too good. We took her in and she became part of the Saving Hope Family. She is being fostered with a number of other orphans and when she arrived she was very shy and was scared of the other dogs. She was not happy socialising with her new friends but within a day or so she became very relaxed and blossomed. She loves running with the other dogs now and she is very social. Hazel is approximately 18 months old and is vaccinated and microchipped and registered.

Hazel is a very well mannered little girl who has picked up new commands and learnt that the crate is a good safe place to sleep so she is crate trained and has a good recall. She lives on a lifestyle block with numerous other animals including cats, pigs, chickens and ducks and doesn’t seem too be bothered with any if them. Hazel loves cuddles and likes to follow you around the house when she is not playing with the other dogs. Hazel is a very loving girl who is looking for a place to call her own home and a family of her own.

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