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Dog Description

Hello, my name is Darcy. I am nine weeks old now and have grown a lot since being fostered. I am a strong, healthy and affectionate girl with a calm and gentle nature. I love spending time playing in the garden and carrying my toys around. I am smart, alert and engaged with my environment, enjoying cuddle and playtime with my foster mum and dad. I am not a noisy pup and get along well with children and my large foster sister, Freya, a Mastiff x Ridgeback.

I am the first onto my mum’s lap for a snooze and a belly rub. I sleep through at night and eat well. I call my mum when I need to do my business outside; else I use the newspaper set out for me. My coat has many beautiful brindle colours and is soft to the touch. IĀ  hope to meet my forever family soon and show them what a sweet, lovable girl I am.

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