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Dog Description

Cole is a beautiful Lab X who was estimated to have been born between September 2017 to March 2018. He seems to have reached his peak growth so now considered a grown boy! He is believed to be of mixed breed, potentially a Lab crossed with another unknown mixed breed! He’s a large dog, around a shepherd’s size – currently weighs 28kgs as of September 2019!
Coles is a sweet smoochy dog, his happy place is exactly where you are, ideally with his head on your foot. Cole follows you around the house like your own little shadow. He is a very chilled out relaxed dog. He loves a good run about outside before falling asleep again. Cole has the cutest brindle legs and tiny brindle eyebrows. Cole has been introduced to cats, dogs, chicks and turkeys. He doesn’t seem to be fazed by them although the chickens are a little tempting when they run so he will need additional training here. He hasn’t met any children yet but with him being such a quite chilled out dog I can’t see this being a problem. Nothing phases cole he is perfect on the lead even at the pet shop with so many smells and falls asleep in the car. He is toilet trained and seems to pretty much go on command. Cole is being introduced to the crate at the moment but currently sleeps in his dog bed in his fosters bedroom. Cole is very food driven so is easily trained. He loves to chew so need to make sure he has lots of toys. From cole, I absolutely love humans – any humans! If they give me a pat or a cuddle, I can’t help but lean into it with a goofy look on my face. I really like my snoozes as well although if I had to choose between sleeping and following my human the human always wins! I’d love a home where I get lots of attention and smooches and get to be around humans as much as possible. Somewhere fun to play during the day and somewhere warm and cozy to sleep at night. Cole gets quite anxious when he is left alone so he would suit a family that has someone home most of the time, someone working from home or part-time, or an elderly couple or person who is retired, anyone the can take him to work with them. If he was to be left alone with another dog to keep him company. 
Cole is currently fostered in Clevedon and Ponsonby (he moves in between addresses).