Dog Description


Brodie, male, mixed breed, DOB 7 March 2022. Brodie is a calm, affectionate and gentle boy with a sweet and friendly nature. This, along with his big brown eyes, smiley face, and beautiful soft brindle coat, makes him a special pup indeed. He has certainly charmed his way into our hearts. Brodie is a strong, confident and healthy boy, with a well-proportioned and sturdy build. He is a pleasure to foster as he tries his best to please us and is clean in his habits and eats and sleeps well. Being responsive and highly food motivated, Brodie will be easy to train. Plus, he is very smart and engaging, and he very quickly figures out how things work. He seems to understand what is expected. Being observant, Brodie can recognise an opportunity. He hangs back and waits until his brothers have settled down to sleep then he puts his plan into action, working his way amongst them to find the warmest and softest position. Brodie enjoys playing with his toys, which he loves to sleep amongst or even on top of, however lumpy and uncomfortable that might be! He is happy to share toys, treats and food with his brothers. He learns fast and is responsive. He dashes over when called and knows to wait patiently if he wants something, especially a treat – liver treats and dried bully sticks being his favourite. Brodie loves being outdoors, running on the lawn, exploring amongst the plants and stones, and chasing his brothers about. He is not afraid of anything and has a great time playing with our two large dogs, holding his own with some attitude while learning good manners and being socialised at the same time. He has received his first vaccinations and a canine cough inoculation. He is microchipped. His deworming and tick, mite and flea treatments are up to date. Brodie sits for his treats and follows basic commands, and he rewards my training efforts with delicate ear and nose nibbles, never biting. He is learning to walk on a harness and lead already. He is not a noisy or destructive pup. Brodie’s toilet training is coming along very well. He puts himself to bed and sleeps through at night, either in his bed or in his crate. Although he does wake up to do his toilet and drink water so I would not recommend shutting the crate’s door yet. Wait until he is a little older. He likes to eat dry puppy pellets overnight and these are left out for him and his brothers, especially if it is a cold night and if the boys had a lot of exercise during the day. Brodie has never been on his own for long and we believe he needs a family that will not leave him alone for an extended period until he is a bit older. He will do very well either as the only dog or with a companion dog, and he is great with children. He is also human-bonded. We have no idea how he is with cats but should be fine with them after a proper introduction. Brodie will be a faithful, loving companion to his forever family, and they’ll have years of fun and adventures together. He is keen to meet them and is so ready to start the next phase of his life with a family of his own. Brodie is fostered in Millwater, Silverdale.