Dog Description


Breed: Saving Hope Special (we think Hunterway x) Energy levels: medium Fostered in Blockhouse Bay. Hello I’m Bella. I’m a total sweetheart and if my foster parents could keep me they totally would! I am usually super friendly with humans but sometimes have difficulty with men who I don’t know. I’m good with older children. I’m usually great with other dogs but am a bit afraid of the ones that are bigger than me. I am quite protective of my foster parents: when they sit down at the dog park I guard them! I don’t really play with toys unless I am very settled – and I don’t play with toys outside of my foster parents property either. My foster parents think this might change if I am rehomed with another dog. I like chasing balls but I don’t yet understand about bringing them back. I like chewing on things and I’m pretty good at knowing what I am allowed to chew and what I’m not allowed to chew. I am good when left in the house alone (I literally just sleep) but I would prefer to be with my humans. I am good off leash: I run circles round my humans and don’t stray too far. Because of a historical injury to my right hind leg, which becomes painful if overexerted, my new home needs to have few stairs, no ledges which I am tempted to jump off, and no cats (I’ll chase them!). I am best suited to a family that will be caring about not over exerting my leg whilst also making sure I get the exercise and mental stimulation which I need. I am toilet trained and am reasonably good with commands “come”, “sit”, “stay/wait”, “lie down” and “shake”. I love bellyrubs and cuddles! I am desexed and up to date with vaccinations and worming.

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