Dog Description


Bella. This loving sweet girl is ready for her forever home.

The vet thinks she’s still young but possibly a couple of years old. Her teeth are excellent and so it’s hard to tell 100%. She is definitely past the puppy stage and is fully grown and has a lovely gentle temperament.

It seems that in her past she had an injury to one of her rear legs. It doesn’t hinder her enthusiasm for life and exploring except she’s not up to walking for hours or running for a distance.  She’s definitely not a working dog.  She’s perfect for a home as a loveable family girl. She wants to be by your side but is also quite content to have a nap if you’ve got to go out for a few hours. If you work she won’t mind, so long as she’s had a wee gentle walk in the morning . She gets on well with most other dogs and has been great with our elderly Lab. However I feel she’d also do well if she’s the only dog in the family. She’s not terribly fond of cats and will chase them, so a home without cats is preferred. She’s an amazing family dog, has been great around our kids(8&10yrs old), and loves to snuggle them.  She’s not crate trained, preferring your bed or couch to recline on. We thought she’d prefer a bed of her own but I think she’s not used to that so she’d just love the luxury of being on a bed or comfy couch.  As she’s food orientated she’s been a dream to train and she’s easily learnt to sit and wait and her recall is quickly getting better and better.

She looks like she’s got a strong mix of Huntaway crossed with maybe Rottie or a Lab-hard to say. Her coat is glossy and soft and she’s got a great smile! She’s not much of a barker and likes to do circles around you to ‘round you up when you’re walking.

Bella is now desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.  She has such a lot of love to give and she just loves the company of all her hooomans and deserves to be adopted soon to be a permanent part of someone’s family.

Currently fostered in east Auckland