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Dog Description


Banksy is a Boxer X Staffy born on 26th of January 2019. He is expected to become a medium – large dog.

Banksy is a loving cuddly boy. Loves to run with the big boys and explore the 3 acres of garden and bush he has as his back yard. He is gaining confidence every day, with his long tail he lets us know how happy he is 🙂. Banksy is shy meeting new people and new animals, when visitors sit down with my foster parents, I’ll come to you for a cuddle and pat. He is great with free range chickens, he can be among them fine

He’s learning to be gentle with kids, he’s been introduced to children over 10 years old and is fantastic. He’s also learning to walk inside, and not run! He’s shy around new places and traffic . Banksy is toilet trained. He tells us he needs to go outside in the mornings. The doors are open during the day , Banksy goes out on the grass to do his business. He is not crate trained, sleeping on a dog bed inside.
Basic training, learning to be on a harness, good recall, food driven (loves treats and easy to train) & knows basic commands. Sit, wait, gentle, down, uh uh etc.
Current behaviours that we are working on, confidence with new people, confidence with new dogs. Overall confidence.

Banksy says, “I absolutely love cuddles with my foster mum and dad, I was cautious with my new doggie family because there are so many here (9) , I know now I’m safe and free, I run, jump, and play with everyone. I love our doggie pond, and run in and out of the water. I like sneaking into foster mums bed in the morning for a quiet cuddle before everyone else wakes up… I am unsure of change, after a few days of love I know I’m happy and safe and can be a playful puppy.”

Banksy is currently fostered north of Kaukapakapa with Foster Mum Niki, Foster dad Paul, along with 4 of our own dogs and 5 saving hope puppies.

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