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Nga mihi . Greetings

Saving Hope is growing fast

We are now finding it a challenge to meet the huge demand for our dog and puppy rescue services. We do wish we weren’t growing though because that would signal to us that dogs were fine, that no help was needed to save, love and re-home them.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite is the case. The torture, abuse, neglect, abandonment, illegal breeding, fight clubs and all the heart wrenching treatment of dogs mean groups like Saving Hope and other rescuers are needed to help these poor defenceless animals who have no one to speak up or stand up for them. With so much work to do the resources of Saving Hope and others are being stretched to the limit as countless puppies and dogs come in from everywhere around the country. Aligned with our dog rescue and rehabilitation work we are also assisting women and their children (and their pets) who’ve had to escape domestic violence situations.

We are raising our sights and expanding our operations. “We do not want to leave one dog behind”. Not one. We save them all. Period.

To achieve our vision of expansion, we’re now developing a new initiative called THE HOPE PROJECT.

We want to create an advisory team of people who will guide the HOPE PROJECT in its direction and program.  team of smart people with experience and successful track records in their disciplines, trades and professions who can contribute know-how and fresh ideas to the Project plan. Men and women that get things done.

We invite people from the following fields – project development, accounting, law, architecture, draughting, engineering, building, construction, finance, real estate, banking, trades, PR, fundraising, advertising, event organising, social media, family counselling and others with a passion for dogs or care for families, to join our HOPE PROJECT “Advisory Team”.

Whatever time or skill you can contribute (most of us work full-time) will be most welcome and much appreciated. We already have a group of exceptional people who have contacted us to help. We’re keeping the doors open for a short while longer so others can have the opportunity to participate.

So, if you or someone you know, can help with good ideas, skills, special expertise and contacts we’d love to hear from you or from them. If you can spare a little or a lot of your time that would also be awesome. Thank You.

Please email the HOPE PROJECT coordinator at – 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing” (Edmund Burke)

We’d love your help

Kia Kaha – Stay Strong

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